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Who are we?

Fresh2 is a digital-first QSR company that provides users with fast, ultra cost-effective, and diverse fast food options.

Fresh2 revolutionizes the fast-food and delivery experience by centering it around a cutting-edge model that harnesses the power of data and the internet. Unlike the traditional fast-food and delivery experience centered around brick and mortar stores, we transcend these limitations with our innovative approach. With the aid of state-of-the-art equipment, we produce, store, and cook food, ensuring that our customers can savor high-quality, delectable ready-to-eat meals wherever and whenever they desire at a fraction of the cost.

Headquarters New York City

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Quick Service Restaurant

In collaboration with renowned culinary experts and cutting-edge food processing facilities worldwide, Fresh2 employs state-of-the-art automation to craft our meals. Our F2C (Factory to Consumer) model seamlessly integrates a global supply chain, enabling us to create a dynamic online ecosystem for the food industry. By partnering with local restaurants for final preparation and heating, we ensure that our gourmet creations reach your table with unrivaled freshness and flavor. 

Fresh2 makes getting food as effortless as grabbing a mobile order coffee, catering to the masses with utmost convenience. We break the limitations of time by operating 24/7, and we break the limitations of space by providing users with quick access to delicious food even in areas without physical stores. Fresh2 also surpasses the constraints of traditional restaurants with limited menus by offering a wide range of diverse dishes to users. 

Shared Supply Chain

Furthermore, Fresh2 opens up its supply chain to provide pre-fabricated meals, supplies, and smart kitchen appliances to restaurants. The company has already provided supply chain services to thousands of restaurants. Fresh2 is both a digital-first QSR company and an e-commerce and supply chain company.
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